Jupiter, FL Learning and Tutoring Testimonials


Due to the sensitive nature of the struggles faced by some students, some names have been changed or omitted to protect the privacy and preserve the self-esteem of those students.

“Hi Kelli,

We wanted to give you an update from Joseph’s Montessori teachers on Thursday. They said he was doing very well, was able to FOCUS and stay on task, and was very well behaved (though he sometimes tries to con his way into/out of things). Nothing new there! He is able to complete his work and hold himself accountable.

This is so much different than the teacher’s opinion last year. When I told the teachers about our troubles last year, they could not believe we were talking about the same Joseph. They also said that they have seen other students attend Brainworx and they have become “a different child”.

So- the program works! Kudos to you for all of your hard work with Joseph. I am confident that your efforts made a HUGE difference, not only in school, but his overall behavior.

Thank you, we could not be happier!

Jennifer & John Greco (& Joseph too)”

Age 7

“My son has improved profoundly in every aspect of his learning and task performance. He works more fluidly, quickly, and his overall attention and comprehension has markedly improved. While it was intensive, the Brainworx program was something he enjoyed throughout each session. It was fun for him, and he clearly realizes its benefits. My son’s reading level at school has improved by more than 2 grade levels. His confidence is high–he now perceives himself to be one of the smartest kids in his class in all subjects. He has a new found quest for knowledge and information and he truly likes school.”

V. R., Jupiter, FL

Son, Age: 7

“I didn’t think that my son would stick with the program. He built up a defense with tutors and usually ran them off within 4-5 months. He never once complained about coming to Brainworx. He felt good about himself and learning. When he didn’t quit, I knew the program works. My son has gone from F’s to A’s in certain classes! That alone is an accomplishment. His study time has been cut in half. His memory skills are off the chart. He doesn’t seem to be as confused with directions as before.”

L. S., Hobe Sound, FL

Son, Age: 12

“Kindergarten through fifth grade was a struggle for Zach. He spent endless hours on homework. We (his parents) spent endless hours trying to help him. We tried tutoring with little results. When we received the Brainworx flyer in the mail, we were willing to try anything. With Brainworx  Zach has had his best year ever in sixth grade. His grades and outlook on school improved. I’m so glad we had Zach take Brainworx.”

Stephanie, Jupiter, FL

Son, Age: 12

“Brainworx has changed my daughter’s life and our look on life tremendously. She was beginning to struggle in school (fifth grade) because of poor memory and reading skills. This program to a child with a poor memory, gave her skills that resulted in an ability to have a “photographic” memory. School assignments and tests are much easier to succeed in. She could not read a “full” chapter book. She is now completing her first Harry Potter novel. She has total confidence that she can read the book. She used to quit on subjects she found difficult. She would throw tantrums and refused to do the work. Brainworx has taught her that failure is not a permanent word. Initial failure can be overcome with hard work and proper techniques. This single lesson was worth the entire cost of the program.

We are immediately enrolling our son.”

Tom, Palm Beach, FL

Daughter, Age: 14

“I have seen great success in Amanda’s ability to attack words. She used to avoid reading and now she is starting to enjoy it. I think she also learned how to sit down and do work for periods of time, which will serve her in her middle school environment. She learned to WORK!

Amanda was very clear that she did not like doing Brainworx. However, she really found a warm, safe environment and definitely liked being with her trainer. I know that trainer needs to be the trainer, not their buddy. Her trainer stuck to a good balance. If Amanda had not felt the connection she had with her trainer, it would have been a huge battle to get her here! I cannot emphasize how important the human connection side of things is.

I want to thank everyone for the supportive environment we have found here at Brainworx. Especially to our trainer for not sweating the small stuff and have a high tolerance level. I have and will continue to recommend the program. Amanda is doing so much better and we are grateful for all she has learned here.”

Michelle, Jupiter, FL

Daughter, Age: 10

“My son Carter has seen great improvement in his grades since completing the program. He no longer forgets assignments and is able to focus much better. He says work seems easier for him and he no longer has test anxiety. He enjoyed the program and we have certainly seen measurable results.”

Ann, Boynton Beach, FL

Son, Age: 13

“The program has been of tremendous benefit. Despite the disruptions due to the hurricanes, his school performance has improved a lot. He is much more willing to complete homework and study for tests. Organizational skills have improved also. He is more careful and attentive to details and able to work longer at tasks and projects. He recently was involved in a group power point project with three other boys. The other parents said he worked the best and most efficiently out of all of them! He is much more confident about his abilities to do schoolwork and homework. I am not seeing the evidence as I have in the past of daydreaming in class. Instead he pays attention. He brings home detailed class notes now and seems to have a good understanding of the lessons. He has read a lot of books this fall, which would not have happened before.”

Michele, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Son, Age: 14

“Mathew has Down syndrome and was evaluated at the bottom. We have seen an increase in speech and his wanting to spell and learn really improved. He was sight reading and we feel he is now learning how to read phonically. He still has some ways to go but we have seen an increase in his attention span also.

If a child with severe learning problems can complete the 12 week program with some improvements, I imagine any child will definitely have huge results using this technique to learn.”

Michele, Tequesta, FL

Son, Age: 12